Comphire Pty Ltd
276 Hay St Kalgoorlie W.A.
H/Duty Australian Parts


                                   Supplies a full range of comphire H/Duty Australian Parts to fit Normet 
                                   6050 Spraymec Underground Shotcrete Machines   

                                   H/Duty Australian Parts are made to last in the more arduous conditions
                                   of the Australian Underground Mining Industry

                                   comphire H/Duty Australian SB500C Boom Assemblies.                                 
                                   comphire H/Duty Australian Hydraulic Cylinders.   
                                   comphire H/Duty Australian Clark Park Brake Cylinder Parts.
                                   comphire H/Duty Australian Fastening Frame is under development.
                                   comphire H/Duty Australian Nozzle Rotation Motor is under development.




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