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Helical Rotor Pumps


 Mine De-watering Products

Comphire Helical Rotor Pumps can be used in a broad range of applications and provide efficient, high pressure pulsation free conveyance of most standard. Our range of materials and configuration make it easy to choose the best pump for the job resulting in high performance and low maintenance cost. They came in a various materials options including cast iron, stainless steel or duplex alloy and a wide range of elastomers. It has a long life rotors and stators that can be fitted to any existing Mono Pumps and WEARTUFF still in operations. For more details of our product to know the features and benefits please contact us.

      • CH412
      • CH084
      • CH086
      • CH088
      • CH102
      • CH103
      • CHW103
      • CH104
      • CH106






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